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Cork Ireland

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Trinity Presbyterian Church is located just North of the River Lee where Macurtain St meets Summerhill North.

We are part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  

The pastor/minister is Rev John Faris  021 489 1437

You are welcome to visit the church, even just to have a look around this beautiful building.
We would be delighted for you to come and take part
in our worship service on Sundays at 11:45 or in any other of our Activities .
People from any religious background or none are welcome.

We are an evangelical church committed to sharing the good news that Jesus is Lord and Saviour
and only through simple faith in him may we find peace with God the Father

‘A Christ centred friendly fellowship from many countries who love the Bible’. 
Here are some distinctive features, ‘core values’ of Presbyterianism: 

‘the chief end … to glorify God and enjoy him for ever’

‘Jesus Christ the only King and Head of the Church’

‘the only infallible rule of faith and practice’

fellowship in and beyond the local church

nothing is to be done without consultation and accountability

reflecting all the above

map of area

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From St Patrick’s street – proceed over Patrick’s bridge
From St Patricks’s Quay – turn right at Patrick’s bridge,
follow the one way system right into Maccurtain St and take first left into York St. Take first right into Little William street.  
Drive in through the entrance to the church at the end of Little William street.  
You can park in the grounds when coming to the Sunday sevrice.
There is also a pedestrian entrance a short distance up Summerhill North.


Week beginning Sunday 26 October


“Wonders of Heaven”  Revelation 4.1-11


Child Protection and Health and Safety
Our updated guidelines are on the church website
[a temporary resting place unitl a problem on the site is sorted.]

 Wednesday 22 October
1030 – 11 am Prayer 
“John McCully Room”
1- 2 pm  Bible Study Outer Room  Luke 18.1-8
“A woman who pestered a judge to get what she wanted”
8 pm  @ Daithi and Maria’s 
Home Group
“Mission Matters”  Jesus and the world John 17.1-26

Saturday 8 November
Half Day of Prayer
in “John McCully Room”
10 am – 10 pm

Please sign up for these hourly slots
(by emailing

10 – 11 am  John & Heather F

11 – 12 noon

12 noon – 1 pm

1 – 2 pm

2 – 3 pm

3 – 4 pm

4 -5 pm 

5 – 6 pm

6 – 7 pm

7 – 8 pm

8 – 9 pm

9 – 10 pm    John & Heather F

Saturday 8 November
10:30 – 2 
Ardfallen Fair 

Envelopes available today
for Moderator’s Special Appeal for South Sudan
where famine is threatened.
Please return by Sunday 2 November
Monday 3 November 
Children’s Group Leaders’ meeting
An opportunity to pray in the back room on Sunday mornings from 1115 am
(but please ensure that there are at least two to welcome) 

With the clock going back
we are in “winter time” 
We do give thanks that the winter this year is delayed and autumn is mild
but we pray for 
any who find the shorter days and winter weather hard to bear
for those who suffer Seasonally Affected Disorder 
or in any feel down in the darker days.

We pray “shine Jesus shine”
in all love, joy and peace

in this season of Halloween
we pray for children and parents to be wise in the frenzy of celebrations 
and the commercial pressures
that any who are scared of the dark and of scary things 
may  have fear driven out by the perfect love of Jesus
and that people may be kept from the even darker occult powers 
about which so many foolishly joke in these days.
Thank you that when we trust in Jesus 
you deliver us from the kingdom of darkness and transfer us to the kingdom of glorious light

Shine Jesus shine!

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View of the organ at the rear of the church
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Little William Street, off York Street, Cork, Ireland (GPS Cordinates 51.9017N 8.4660W)
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